How Can I Sell on AliExpress website?

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Aliexpress Seller Registration

  • If you want to sell on aliexpress, first register an Alipay business account. During the process of completing your account registration, you will be required to prove that you have a legally established enterprise that is legitimate with certificates and documents of ownership to prove it. AliExpress does not accept sellers or suppliers that sell products, goods and services from their private houses without properly registered as a business enterprise. 
  • If you are an agent to a particular brand and want to open an official brand shop, you must have the official qualification and documentation from the brand itself. 
  • You must agree as a seller or supplier to pay the annual technical service fee as a business enterprise. Meanwhile there are different technical payment plans for each business category; if you are operating your business yearly with a good record of quality customer service, together with good site of operation that have been verified to be of a high standard, you will then be opportune to qualify for a yearly refund bonus from AliExpress. 

Five Steps For Sellers and Suppliers To Easily Sell Products On AliExpress. 

Step 1 – Account Creation 

  • Register your identity, account details and information on the “sell.aliexpress” account registration website. 

Step 2 – Category Registration 

  • Access your account from the merchant login system to have full access to the different products category. After you have located the right category for your products, you will then download a subcategory of product list in other to fill in your product name. 
  • Products lists – Fill in and submit the type of product that you want to sell and choose the type of online shop that is relevant to your business after downloading the product list. 
  • Trademark Verification – securely apply for your company brand and trademark qualification service from the system. The platform will make you wait for a while in other to verify and approve the submitted trademark. 

Step 3 – Annual fee payment and confirmation. 

  • After the successful approval of your trademark, you will be carried to a payment page where you will been given the different kinds of payment methods in other for you to pay the corresponding technical fee that is applied to your type of product and category section that your product belongs to. This fee is an annual investment tariff plan system that all sellers and suppliers pay for the technical maintenance of the aliexpress online shopping website. Here is a list of the annual technical service tariff plan standards in the different categories. 

Step 4 – Shop Management / Official Brand Name. 

  • You will be redirected to the shop management page where you will be given the opportunity to give your shop a name. You will also be given second level website name free from aliexpress to access your online shop directly. If you applied as an agent of a brand or have registered your trademark, you will need to applied for an official brand page with a brief story about your brand. 

Step 5 – Decoration of shop and the publication of products, goods and services. 

After the successful completion of products branding, it is now time to design and decorate your online store with the quality images of your products and a nice summary of your products too, before finally publishing them online. After the successful publication, you will then receive a congratulatory message that your shop have now been officially opened for online trade business around the world using the aliexpress online shopping platform.

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