How to Refund on Taobao: 2019 Step-by-Step Refund Guide


Learn how to submit refund requests to Taobao directly as an international buyer without agents in this Taobao English guide!

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Step 1: Tap on 我的淘宝 (My Profile) and 我的订单 (My Orders)

Step 2: Tap on item and 退款 (Refund)

Step 3: Select 退款原因 (Refund Reasons)

Refund Reasons
拍错/多拍/不想要Purchased wrongly / Purchased extra / Don’t want the item
协商一致退款The seller has already agreed to do a refund
缺货Item is out of stock
未按约定时间发货Seller did not ship the item out before the agreed deadline

Step 4: Elaborate & Upload Photos

Common Elaboration

Size is too big / Size is too small尺寸太大 /尺寸太小Bad quality质量不好Difference in colour as compared to photos物品有色差Item received in bad condition收到的宝贝已经损坏了I do not like the item after receiving it收到宝贝后发觉并不喜欢Wrong item sent发错物品Incorrect quantity of item, I purchased (5) items but only received (3) items物品数量错了,我拍了 (5)个,但只收到 (3)个

Step 5: Tap on 提交 (Submit)

Once you submit your refund request, Taobao will give the seller 48 hours to respond to you. They may choose to accept or reject the request. If they reject the request, you may re-submit or message the seller to discuss further. If the seller does not respond within 48 hours, Taobao will automatically refund the item for you.

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