Agile: Whole-team mindset


Perhaps, some of you would say: Oops, you said that you will write about agile testing, why go off track again?

In fact, I am being elusive here. If I answered your question, who would follow my page any more?

But still, would you think that we are being reckless if we go straight into Agile testing without anything about Agile at all? And, in reality, I just want to go deeper about one thing: the whole-team mindset.

So, what is whole-team mindset?

The first thing to say, in my opinion, it’s one of the most aspect of Agile. Nothing like some traditional management, an Agile team should be consider a united unit. Every member of the team should focus on the same goal. In other hand, it’s just like teamwork spirit, but should consider more seriously.

In an Agile team, the most important thing is, everyone must understand that they may be in different roles, but in a same team which responsible for the same thing.

You can think about a soccer team (sorry, European, I consider soccer being something both European and American should understand). The goal-keeper should be the keeper of the goal (no pun intended). But, even if the striker be so much good, it wouldn’t mean anything if their team lose. Clearly, a player should give his all to his team, before think about himself.

It’s so much like being in an Agile team. Or I should say, a SCRUM team. No one could force a striker being a good goalkeeper, not unlike no one could force a developer have the same mindset and skill as a tester. However, the first thing they should think about is the success of their whole team as one. I am a developer do not mean that I will do nothing to help tester, and vice versa.

And you should notice that I use the term “SCRUM-team”, not development team – it means included both Product Owner and Scrum Master in. If your company or organization apply Agile mindset, or some would call it Agile Transformation, then the whole organization should be a giant Agile team, and its member should have the same goal.

It’s the whole-team mindset.

It’s likely that I have just give another question, and have not answered anything. But no, in this article I want to emphasis on “teamwork”, “whole-team mindset”, because that’s what will make your team ready for what would be called Agile testing. In any activity of an Agile team, the most valued would be collaboration, not confrontation.

And in my last article, when talk about mini-waterfall, I also mention about the division of development team members in to subteam of testers and developers. In one, or maybe more, of SCRUM team that I am managing are having this problem. Team member think that Scrum Master is who should care about progress, not them. And this is something Scrum Master should fix as soon as possible.

And, in my next article, I will share my experiences and thought about how to make SCRUM team think of them as one unit.

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