Is it safe to buy from Taobao?


When you order from taobao you may interest in the goods variety and price there. However, you may not understand its rule often judge something based on your early impression of the Chinese goods.

Before answering your question I would like to share some data about taobao. It has more than 1 billion goods listings with around 10 million sellers there, everyday the platform generated around 20 to 30 million packages around the world. In South East Asia countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan and South Korea as well as Indonesia Taobao has more than 10 million users order clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, home goods etc. Now as Ali group try to develop the overseas business, more than more countries people could buy on taobao and ship directly.

So the answer is definitely yes it is safe to shopping on Taobao. The issue is how to shopping safely on taobao as a foreigner who are new to it. There are 4 mainly issues for people overseas who wanna to shopping on taobao.

The first issue is language as taobao is in Chinese and sellers usually can only talk in Chinese. So when you search goods keywords on taobao and communicate with seller, you should ask for help to filter goods and supplier as there are thousands of hundreds results no matter you search any ordinary goods.

The second issue is the payment, a few people overseas may lucky enough to register and verified their credit card on Alipay while mostly people cannot verify their credit cards as far as I know.

The third issue is the quality as it is the main concern of people who order on taobao. As a chinese we can freely order on taobao and return in 7 days if we do not like or the quality is poor, but for overseas people it isnt that easy as shipping delivery time and taobao rules restricted.

The fourth issue is the shipping. Although taobao could ship to few countries now but mostly country it cannot be delivered, and international delivery takes time due to the customs issue.

You maybe a little frustrated when you know the 4 main issues ordering on taobao, but you can also safely shop on taobao by find a reliable taobao agent with some service commission, you can shop on taobao the same as other Chinese people, as the taobao agent offers the following service:

Sourcing service

Purchasing service


QC service

Label service

Consolidation shipping service

Low shipping rates

Professional customs clearance service

Once you found a reliable taobao agent you can shop on taobao the same like you did on Amazon and Ebay. Good luck.

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